Tips to Buy a CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a CNC hydraulic press brake. You’ll want to consider how the machine will be used, how large it should be, and the size of the components it will bend. You’ll also need to determine the tooling, including the front sheet supports, extended length back gauges, and robotic loading. Many of these upgrades can increase the efficiency of your press brake, but you’ll need to consider the added cost.

Consider the number of axes:

If you’re planning to purchase a CNC hydraulic press brake, one of the most important features is the number of axes. There are several ways you can increase your press brake’s versatility. A CNC hydraulic press brake with powerful Z1 and Z2 fingers can adjust the angle and depth of the ram. These axes make it easy to adjust gauges and handle large parts without losing dimensional accuracy.

Understand different axes:

A CNC hydraulic press brake has multiple axes, including the X-axis and the R-axis. The X-axis determines the front-to-back dimension of the press brake. The operator controls the back gauge’s motion and is referred to as the X1 and X2 axes, respectively. In addition, the R-axis allows the operator to make an accurate bend angle without having to worry about the angle.

Flexible tooling system:

If you are looking for CNC hydraulic press brakes, you should consider its flexible tooling system. This system can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. You can choose from hydraulic or mechanical clamping options, and there are many different tooling systems to choose from. You can also purchase a bottom tool positioning system or a thickness measurement system. Both of these options offer high accuracy and long life.

Consider the cost:

Many fabricators don’t need a complex setup for their press brake. Some shops choose to refurbish an existing one, lowering the total cost. CNC hydraulic press brakes can make adjustments based on changes in the open height, which improves repeatability and operator efficiency and adds years to the machine’s life. Choosing a CNC hydraulic press brake is not an easy decision, but there are several things to consider before making this major purchase.

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